In My Studio

Step inside the studios of select artists and get a glimpse of where and how they make their work. These pre-recorded studio walk-throughs offer an intimate look inside their inspirational workspaces.

Eric Serritella Studio

Chapel Hill, NC

Recognized worldwide for his ceramic trompe l’oeil birch sculptures, Serritella added colorful glass to his repertoire during the pandemic. His works serve as conduits to emotion and connection through inquiry, recognition and familiarity. Vessels link humanity and nature as timelessly inseparable and channel nature’s stories so secluded voices are heard.


During the pandemic I began exploring the color and transparency of glass. It's opened a new and exciting world to me after decades working in clay. The blending of colors, distressed textures and transparencies is where I'm having the most fun. While I'll continue to work in clay, glass has become a new medium within my repertoire and a material with years of creative exploration to be enjoyed and shared. Join me for a studio tour and I'll show you the steps I go through to make these unique new glass creations using pate de verre glass casting.

Caitlin Albritton Jewelry

Tampa, FL

Caitlin Albritton is a metalsmith and lapidary based out of Tampa, FL who uses the technique of inlay to piece together playful, mosaic jewelry made out of sterling silver and colorful semi-precious stones.


Your paintings are lonely! But what if they could get off the walls and become mobile? This was some of the inspiring motive I had in shifting from being a painter to a metalsmith and lapidary artist. Today, I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes of my jewelry and rock-cutting studio—which I lovingly call my “Rock Lab” since there’s always some sort of experimentation going on. I’m most well-known for my feminine figurative inlay pendants, so stick around to watch how I make my intricate handmade jewelry!

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