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Cedric Mitchell Design

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Cedric Mitchell • El Segundo, CA

Los Angeles based glass artist Cedric Major Mitchell is from Oklahoma and developed his skills while attending Tulsa Community College studying business. Mitchell first learned about studio glass as an art-form while he was an emerging Tulsa hip-hop artist recording in the music studio. He enrolled in a glassblowing course as an elective, and beginning as a student he quickly transitioned into an apprentice and instructor at The Tulsa Glassblowing School. In the Summer of 2016 Cedric moved to Los Angeles to work for his mentor Joe Cariati to continue his learning and growth as a reputable glass-maker. Inspired by an eccentric mix of Graffiti Art, Pop Culture, Mid-Century Modern and Memphis Design, Cedric creates work that ranges from functional to decorative art, combining simplicity in design with bold colors. Each piece is a unique color study focused on the relationship of form and color, and the outcome reveals a dynamic and buoyant visual language.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

My work is made in a glass studio located in Los Angeles, each piece begins with 2100 degrees of molten glass. Quickly transforming into a solid, we begin with a starter bubble in order to add color to each piece.Each color is made up of different metal oxides which is purchased from a color manufacturer in the United States. Once the color is applied an additional layer of clear glass is added to start the glassblowing process.With the use of multiple tools made of metal and a paper shaping pad, the glass is manipulated to achieve the desired shape of each blown vessel. Each piece requires a team of two or more people to execute the end goal of each piece.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

Glassblowing is similar to riding a rollercoaster, in the sense of being so excited to be so scared.It's intense,hot,requires so much focus and skill to achieve the desired results.We work in a team setting so there is community and family involed, you learn so much about each other while working. Glassblowing is a medium in which it takes several years of practice to be an amazing maker.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

What makes my work unique is the diversity in the work that I make. Ranging from production,decorative art, and gallery oriented work as well. Continuosly pushing the limits of the material and incorporating new patterns and color to grow the work further as I progress in my career.