Suzye Ogawa

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  • About This Artist

    I have been combining traditional metal and basketry materials and techniques for over 30 years. I am primarily self-taught in lost wax and metal having grown up in my father's dental laboratory, jewelry and basketry techniques. The melding of hard and soft materials and my Japanese American heritage now challenges, dominates and drives my creative spirit.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Each piece is created in wax, cast into bronze using lost wax casting techniques, finished and then woven using traditional basketry materials and techniques.

    A: I grew up in a dental laboratory. Wax and metal seem to be a part of my history and DNA. Basketry attracted me because it has been a craft primarily by women using materials in their environment.

    A: Sitting among my materials in the studio keeps me driven to work. It's hard not to pick something up and work on new ideas.

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