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    Kenny was raised in western N.C. In high school he began studying at Penland School of Crafts. First in pottery later in glass, in 1978 he moved to Detroit to study at Center for Creative Studies. Later he transferred to California College of Arts and Craft to receive a B.F.A. He spent 16 years as a glassblower in the S.F. East Bay, then moved back to N.C. While construction a studio there, he managed the glass studios at Penland. He is in the collections of many museums and private collections.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My studio is located in western North Carolina in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains next to the beautiful South Toe River. Most of the techniques I use go back hundreds of years. My desire is to be part of that old tradition but try to do work that is contemporary and hopefully has my own voice. Clear glass is melted in my big furnace and the smaller furnace has colors that are mixed from scratch. Making my own color allows me to have a different pallet that most other glass makers.

    A: Sometimes, when I teach workshops, I will give the assignment to try and make something unattractive out of glass. It's not easy! The material has so many beautiful qualities to work with. I also like the immediacy of blowing glass. Like my friend George said last week "its right there in front of you".

    A: I started blowing glass in the year 1977. I have worked hard over the years to advance my technique. Making a well made object is very important to me.

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