Original Eve Designs

Original Eve Designs

About The Artist

Eve Streicker • Norfolk, VA

My fine jewelry aims to highlight the nuances of the unique gemstones that feature interesting inclusions, color zones, unusual forms, and phenomenon that create ethereal interactions with light. The eye is drawn to the gemstones through form and by softening the appearance of the metal through curves and finish. The pieces are hand-made and created with responsible practices in mind--The metals and diamonds are recycled; the gemstones of ethical and traceable origin wherever possible.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

Original Eve creates fine jewelry collections inspired by unique gemstones and the beautiful way in which materials interact with light. The gemstones used throughout the Original Eve collection are hand-selected by Eve, a certified gemologist, who loves the stories that gems tell through their unique color patterns, inclusions, and one-of-a-kind silhouettes. Our gold forms are designed to complement and draw the eye to the natural beauty of the gemstones used and are inspired by landscapes and natural motifs. Original Eve’s designs are created using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programming, prototyped with Additive Manufacturing, and are finalized using traditional forms of studio craftsmanship.​ Eve specializes in creating custom objects, using elements of client's stories to create beautiful items that celebrate their experiences and connections.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

Jewelry is the perfect crossroad between art, science, and psychology. As a student, I intended to become an art historian and dreamed about writing and revealing how works from a time reveal the progress of society. Never did I dream of becoming a professional jeweler! When my first job was with the curator of contemporary jewelry at the Museum of Art and Design, I learned about art that had to be functional, wearable, and how a work comes to life and gains new meaning as it is worn. From that point forward, I wanted to study this more complex form of art and sought to do so by studying how pieces were made. During the summer between the years of my Master's in Fine Art program in jewelry, I had a summer job selling antique jewelry. This is where I learned how truly complex and beautiful jewelry can be. I saw art history and society's advancements in science reflected in the metals used, diamond cuts, way light and physics were manipulated by the materials, and technical expertise evolving over the years. Not only did the jewelry pieces so beautifully capture art historical moments with platinum and baguette diamonds reflecting the science, innovation, and technical advancements in the jewelry field happening contemporary to skyscrapers and beams of steel, but they were intricate art pieces that could be worn by real people and cherished for generations. The most remarkable thing I learned at that time and that sticks with me today is that the story of the people who buy and wear it--the meaning behind the moments for which it is given and received--adds an incomprehensible layer of beauty to the jewelry. No other art form carries the emotional and spiritual meaning quite like a piece of jewelry.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

I work with highly unusual gemstones that interact with light in phenomenal ways. I gravitate towards using gems in my work that highlight the natural forms, color patterns, inclusions, and phenomena that tell the story of the formation process. I am drawn to uncommon gemstones and minerals that are cut to interact with light in unexpected ways—by reflecting the light off of a faceted surface, curving the light over a smooth opaque form, or holding the light within to seemingly glow. In order to emphasize the gemstone's beauty, I design gold forms that draw the eye into the stone and are then finished with a soft matte so that light billows across the surface. This manipulation of light in my metals allows light and it's interaction with the gem to take centerstage. I believe my focus on the unusual gemstone and my consideration of the metal used highlight my training and expertise as a gemologist, master in the fine art of jewelry making, and desire to create something beautiful, wearable, and unique.