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  • About This Artist

    Martina Dietrich Couture is a sustainable collection of hand crafted one-of a kind pieces and MDC RE•Creations. Dresses, shirts and skirts are for any occasion, ageless, timeless and versatile as well the RE•Creations which are abandon garments transformed into something new and giving a second life. Each MDC is an EDITION of ONE to reduce fabric waste and turning the inevitable remaining cut off material into zero waste accessoires. “More with Less” is what Martina Dietrich Couture stand for.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: Martina Dietrich Couture one-of a kind pieces are hand crafted with high end couture techniques.

    A: The fascination to turn some 2 dimensional (fabric) into 3 dimensional (garment).

    A: "Each MDC piece/creation is an Edition of ONE. No reproduction – each MDC piece exist only once in the world. "

    A: Keeping my eyes open for the uniqueness and beauty of every day in our life. Being visual - anything can be inspiring even the cherry on the cake can be turned into a dress.

    A: Craftmanship is the treasure in our hands to connect people all ages across continents and cultures in their own beautiful, creative, self-explanatory language. It awakes interests to learn new skills which is amazing to see in a workshop “How to make something new out of your abandoned garment” with kinder garden kids age of 5 years. Hungry to learn and hungry to be creative in their own creations without boundaries where no rules are and no wrong is.

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