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  • About This Artist

    Polka dots, stripes and curves. Earth, energy, and color. My work is influenced by the modern artists of the 20th century. From Gene Davis's stripes to the geometric forms of Frank Stella and Bauhaus artists, I seek to embrace this aesthetic in functional pottery. My work is both wheel-thrown and hand-built using stoneware. Some pieces are hand-painted with underglazes. Trying to enhance everyday with something useful and beautiful guides my work and hopefully brings joy to others.

  • Q&A With This Artist

    A: My work is both wheel-thrown and hand-built using mid-fire stoneware clay. Some pieces are hand-painted with underglazes; others are glazed by dipping in large buckets of glaze. The final kiln firing of my work is done in an electric kiln to 2,205 degrees Fahrenheit.

    A: Work created from clay is meant to be touched. There is a meditative quality to working in clay that extends to the finished piece. I like to use a variety of glaze and underglaze colors so that each kiln opening is filled with an abundance of color.

    A: This past year provided the opportunity to explore new techniques and consider new directions for my work. Staying in touch with artist friends and participating in workshops through Zoom kept me connected to the world but also afforded me the opportunity for uninterrupted reflection that both sustained and nourished me.

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