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About The Artist

Sarah Parys • Omaha, NE

My name is Sarah Parys, and I am a self-taught weaver/fiber artist out of Omaha, NE. I began weaving on a simple tapestry loom about 8 years ago and have steadily progressed to now working on a few different floor looms in my home studio. I love the process of weaving and of course the end results. Texture, balance, and pattern seem to be a recurring theme in my work. Whether it be decorative or functional, my work tends to add a sense of warmth and security that other mediums cannot achieve.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

My work is all handwoven on a few different looms I have in my home studio. My goal is to use all natural and sustainable fibers, which include cotton, wool, alpaca, hemp, bamboo and more. I measure out my warp, dress my loom, wind on, and begin the process of weaving using shuttles that essentially 'weaves' the fabric. Once the project is complete, it is cut from the loom, washed, and made into different items that include dishtowels, scarves, wall art and more.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

What makes me passionate about weaving is the unknown and the newness each time I sit down and weave. Weaving is limitless in what you can create not only by color combinations, but the patterns and textures as well. It's also the meditative practice that comes with it. It definitely has a calming nature about it. The repetitive actions and the process of making something out of literally two strands of yarn keeps me wanting to learn and yearn for more.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

Something unexpected about my work is the way you can interact with it and the effect it creates with the end user. With some work you can only look at, but with fiber, you have the ability to look, touch, and feel the fibers. It gives a sense of warmth and security that other mediums and crafts cannot achieve. I love working with simple designs and subtle color combinations. The play between the 'love at first sight' to then feeling it and loving it even more is such a great experience.