About The Artist

Rene Camarillo • Los Angeles, CA

b. East Los Angeles Rene Camarillo is an East Los Angeles born and raised creator who produces hand crafted apparel with themes of immigration, labor, cholo silhouettes, and other personal East Los Angeles mementos. In an industry where commerce overtakes creativity, Rene Camarillo continues to cross examine and critique social engagement of fashion fiber and materials. With storytelling collections and wearable art that investigate the prescribed narrative of the Latinx existence, Camarillo established the design label, destacarse., where Rene Camarillo hand patterns, constructs, and produces each abstract garment with both integrity and curiosity.


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Q&A with the Artist

Tell us how your work is made.

My garments and craft work is investigative. I begin with research and an origin inspiration. I hand pattern, construct, and produce each abstract garment and art piece with both integrity and curiosity.

What makes you passionate about the medium you work with?

Growing up in East Los Angeles, we get our nutrients from the corners. East Los Angeles is where my unnamed neighbors sit next to me on the public buses and crowded mercados. It�s where artisan hand painted eyebrows became a fad and rosaries dangle from our throats. Where frightening gunshots get mistaken for fluorescent firecrackers, and add warmth to our atmosphere. Where we spill our teeth over our subhuman occupations during the heat of the summer. The concrete is meticulously tattooed with graffiti, so pure, however its expression is often misunderstood. Our blood; it gets misplaced with a type of sticky tar. Our skin sizzles in the summer as we congregate under the sun in fields or in manufacturing factories scattered across this country. Our sweat drips and pools around our ankles, as our labor becomes someone else's commodity. The community I was raised in, it places me under its tongue, and I�m absorbed into its gums. It�s dangerous.

What is something unique about you or your practice?

In an industry where commerce and profit rule above all, capitalism and the fast fashion industry has forced the consumer to normalize the devaluation of sewing and apparel construction. Mass production has forced line work methods and assembly lines. A forced system that removes the craftsperson, and instead implements hundreds of individuals who participate in one of the many steps in line work. Looking out into the world, labor and the commodification of underprivileged (often immigrant) labor can be found in any factory, agricultural field, kitchen, and assembly line.Through my artwork, I want to cross examine and expose these realities.