Celestial Fire

Curated by Jhyle Rinker

About the Collection:

It is incredible to see what can be fabricated from similar materials, and was difficult to decide which pieces to feature. As the collection formed it felt as if there were a sense of wonder and playfulness that manifested to create a dreamlike collection. It only made sense to showcase works created using disciplines we support at the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center. Therefore, in this collection you will find items crafted using blacksmithing, welding, enameling, metal casting, glass and jewelry making techniques which create a collection that feels celestial and magical, a Celestial Fire. The adornments of an ethereal goddess, functional works created with passion and knowledge passed down from maker to maker through a world of time, and sculptures with a mystical playfulness. Joyful play in fire.

About the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center:

Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center (CAFAC) is a non-profit arts organization that fills a unique niche in the Twin Cities. We focus on artwork produced using heat, spark, or flame. Our programming is arts education, artist support, and public art, which together provide platforms for social impact and community-driven resources.

Learn more about Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center:  cafac.org