Wood Crystal® Sculpture 102 Sticks
Wood Crystal® Sculpture 102 SticksWood Crystal® Sculpture 102 SticksWood Crystal® Sculpture 102 Sticks

Terrae Galleries

Sticks features a 7 inch square, beveled Wenge/Bacote base with a stick structure made from 15 laminated walut/zebrawood beams and 2 laminated wenge/walnut beams.  The beams are double pinned and glued at the joints.  There are seven wood crystals in figured cherry and figured maple suspended from the beams and accented with brass beads.  The Terrae Galleries five dot logo is inlaid into the base using cherry.  The sculpture is supported by four brass feet that give the sculpture a beautiful levitated appearance.  It is a delicate work requiring handling / protection as would be accorded fine art glass or ceramics.  Dimensions are 16" long by 15" wide by 18" tall; weighs just over 2 pounds.