Winter Leaf Basket
Winter Leaf BasketWinter Leaf BasketWinter Leaf BasketWinter Leaf BasketWinter Leaf Basket

Sally Prangley


In my daydreams, trees in cold climates keep their leaves during winter, and this is what their leaves would look like. Inspired, but not patterned after actual flora, the fanciful and graphic black and white patterns highlight the leaves of the Winter Leaf Basket. The leaves are made from a variety of papers, with contrasting papers cut, torn, sliced and added to create their detail. Happy to hold nothing at all, this basket would also look great filled with bright red apples or sunny orange tangerines, contrasting boldly with the black and white leaves. Vintage buttons in the center of the base complete the basket. The paper leaves of this basket are sealed for protection and use.

8”h x 10”d rim x 3"d base

Annealed steel wires, mat board, papers, vintage buttons