Wild Sky Shawl
Wild Sky ShawlWild Sky ShawlWild Sky Shawl

Sky Like Snow


These large, lightweight, wraps can keep you cozy in many ways: as a shawl, as a scarf or as a throw. I think of them as offering a hug from mother earth and a grounding, direct connection to the natural dye and fiber materials. 


Bands dyed with my studio-grown indigo, rhubarb leaves, foraged Hydnellum and Phaeolus mushrooms, with a thinly striped border of dark grey natural colored fiber. The natural light colored bands carry diagonally aligned panes of lace weave for transparency, movement and lightness. 


Wonderfully soft and squishy, the New England grown and spun fiber is 50% Romeldale wool / 50% fine grade alpaca. Hand wash.


28” wide by 68” long, plus 3” hand twisted fringes. Weighs 8 ounces.