Wallpiece 09.04
Wallpiece 09.04Wallpiece 09.04Wallpiece 09.04Wallpiece 09.04Wallpiece 09.04Wallpiece 09.04Wallpiece 09.04

David M Bowman Studio

This columnar wallpiece features a repoussé copper face, which David has formed freehand with many rounds of hammering from both sides of the copper sheet, using shaped hammers and punches, reheating to soften the metal, and working again. No forms or molds are involved. The part above the face is textured with lots of flowed bronze, then patinaed verdigris blue-green, with the surface relieved to highlight the texture. The other parts are a range of light earth tones, mostly multi-layer patinas for depth of color. 

David and Reed's low-relief abstract wallpieces are one-of-a-kind, timeless designs. They are durable, and have a strong sculptural presence, freeing your wall space from the tyranny of the rectangular frame. The pieces are lighter in weight than they appear, and can be hung on any sort of wall. 

This piece measures 14 by 66 inches, and is 4.5 inches deep at its deepest point. It can be hung out of doors in a protected location, though the colors may change over time in the weather. Indoors it should be stable for a lifetime.

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