Ann Klem Reflections


We all started from the same block, the same ancestors.

Through the years and generations, we have had a chance to go down separate paths and experience different environments and exposures.

Some of us have been treated well. Others, not so much.  Some of us have learned and grown from our experiences and exposures.  Others, not so much.  Some of us have grown up with neglect and abuse.  Others, not so much.

 We have, in fact, grown into various beliefs, prejudices and tolerances.

Some of us are conservative.  Some are liberal.  Some are survivors, while some are scarred.  Some are raging and others are serene.  Yet, we are all still “us”.

And on any given day, we may deserve more than one of these titles.  But above all, we are still “us”!

. . . .

Six pieces make up the “Us” sculpture.  They are “Conservative”, “Liberal”, “Survivor”, “Scarred”, “Raging” and “Serene”, all parts of a single glass cast block.

It represents the divisiveness in our current world and is cast and cold-worked glass in aquamarine blue and clear.