Turquoise Fire Necklace
Turquoise Fire NecklaceTurquoise Fire NecklaceTurquoise Fire NecklaceTurquoise Fire Necklace

Marisa Martinez


This one of kind necklace features a beautiful fossil specimen, a faceted Kingman mine American turquoise, and a stunning tourmalated quarts crystal. This piece was hand crafted in sterling silver. On the reverse the pierced out design of the flaming heart reveals a hidden healing copper panel. A statement piece designed for comfort it hangs at about 30 in but can be adjusted on the chain to hang shorter. The composition of this piece speaks of the necessity of duality for balance and the turquoise fire that lives within our hearts. It is a reminder that without darkness there can be no light. One cannot exist with out the other. A talisman of protection, guidance, and grounding.

Turquoise is sacred to my people. It is believed to carry special earth medicine to protect, guide, and nourish your body and spirit. In my native language of Nahuatl the word for turquoise, fire and sacred are the same. That is because my people associated the stone with the color blue found in the flame of fire and fire is considered to be sacred therefore the stone is too. Black fossil jasper is a protection stone and is especially healing and grounding. Tourmalated quartz is known to balancing stone, equalizing too much or too little positive or negative energy. It is a purifying and grounding stone.

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