Triskelion Earrings
Triskelion EarringsTriskelion Earrings


925 tarnish resistant silver, natural blue zircon.

These triple spiral earrings are referred to as Triskelions.  The symbols earliest creation dates back to the Neolithic era (circa 10,000 BCE). Symbolists say the symbol represents motion as all three arms are positioned to make it appear as if it is moving outwards from its center. This movement signifies energy transfer, in particular cycles, progress, revolution and transformation. 

The meaning of the Triskelion is diverse, varied and has many possibilities. Some of the three based connotations include: life-death-rebirth, spirit-mind-body, past-present-future and power-intellect-love to name but a few.  No matter what words are used to describe the triskele, it is believed to represent a tale of forward motion to reach understanding. So to make a long story short it’s ultimately a symbol of spiritual development and perseverance.  

You can make up your own trilogy even and that is the beauty of this symbol, it is about change and understanding.