Built Quilt


14” x 14” x 2.25” | $375 | “Thunderbird Gold” by Troy Murrah

Featuring an intricate Star & Wreath quilt block pattern with an engraving inspired by a vintage wedding plate. Engraving has been stained with a white acrylic (watered down) paint wash for a warmer look... 14”x14”x2.25”. Green wood is taken from a 1940s workshop cabinet, center piece is gold peel baseboard, wood from a 1930s garage wall, exterior siding, and discarded Ikea shelving.

About Artist Troy Murrah & Built Quilt:

Artist Troy Murrah creates vibrant wood wall hangings that replicate traditional quilt patterns. He uses discarded furniture found on the sidewalks and material leftover at carpentry job sites to construct his pieces, which range in size from 8 in x8 in to 7ft x 7ft and beyond. Using wood burning, stenciling, and laser engraving techniques, he adorns the negative spaces with his illustrations and patterns. In this way, he celebrates quilt patterns beyond the cloth through his art and line of quilt-inspired home accents designed by him and his wife Michelle. Find Built Quilt @builtquilt