The Empress
The EmpressThe EmpressThe EmpressThe EmpressThe Empress

Andrew Sartorius


This 30.1x12x7 coiled and carved vessel was hand built from a blend of wild clay harvested in North Carolina. It was glazed with shino glaze and fired for four days in a Japanese style wood burning tunnel kiln called an anagama. This vessel was fired in the fire box of the kiln where it was exposed to the most intense heat and ash of the firing. Over the four days ash lands on the surface of the pots and fluxes with the alumina and silica in the clay and glaze to create a cascade of natural glaze. This vessel is part of my transfiguration vessel series that explores the way ash flows over and between transitioning geometric forms. These shifting planes and elongated curves become glossy bodies and dream like surfaces in the four day firing.