Summer Breeze
Summer BreezeSummer BreezeSummer BreezeSummer BreezeSummer Breeze

Blue Feet Studio


Handwoven Scarf
Weave Structure: Lace Medallion — alternating pools of open lace and plain weave.
Color: Cool teal weft on a color-gradient warp that begins with gentle straw and indigo, then duskier blues and lavenders, gold of magenta and coral, then sunnier golds and greens, moving into turquoise, with amethyst and navy at the farther edge. 

 ~ A welcome breeze, or the memory of one.

Dimension: Scarf, 7x72”
Fiber: Tencel (eco-friendly, eucalyptus-based, strong and lustrous)
Care: handwash, cool water, air dry, steam iron