squared collection - pearl drop earrings
squared collection - pearl drop earringssquared collection - pearl drop earringssquared collection - pearl drop earrings

Maria Louise High

Beautiful worn singly and incredible stacked or scattered, these open front style rings have round freshwater pearls set in beach sand and bathed in 24k gold leaf.  Perfectly perched on squared bands of 14k gold fill.

You can view additional photos and a video of these rings by visiting my instagram under the Highlights link labeled ACC.  For questions or to see an exact ring or set of rings modeled, just email.  

Inclusion is a foundational aspect of my work.  Each small batch is initially made in a very extended range of sizes if you don't see your size you can request it.  Also, jewelry has no gender.

SIZING NOTE - for stacking, where more than one ring is on a single finger, a ring slightly too large can be "locked" in place with a second ring of the correct size.  This is helpful when choosing multiple rings where all of the same size may not be currently available.