Splendor of Damascus 38
Splendor of Damascus 38Splendor of Damascus 38Splendor of Damascus 38Splendor of Damascus 38

Design Village, LLC

What is a floorcloth?
A floorcloth is a hand-painted canvas rug that has been treated to last a long time. The popularity of floorcloths dates back to the time when Europeans first settled in America. Floorcloths were in vogue throughout the 18th and 19th centuries but were gradually replaced by synthetic floor coverings. However, floorcloths have made a great comeback due to the increasing popularity of hardwood floors and the interest in handcrafted art for home decoration.
About Design Village Floorcloths: Proudly Handcrafted in New Jersey, for the last 20 years Design Village has been crafting custom hand-made floorcloths for historic homes as well as art lovers everywhere totalling over 18,000 sq. ft. as of March 2022.
How to use your floorcloth!
Hand painted on heavy weight primed canvas and the edges have been folded. Protected with several coats of varnish. One of a kind.
Colors: Yellow Ochre, Colonial Red, Midnight Blue, Navy Blue, Brown Antique Glaze
Size: 3'2"x5'(38"x60")