Snowdrop Night Light
Snowdrop Night LightSnowdrop Night Light

Stern Glass Works


Snowdrop Night Light is perfect balance of function and aesthetics. This night light glows illuminated by a warm 4w bulb enabling the stained glass panel to shine into warm life casting shades of pink and gentle green. During the day when the light is off the Snowdrop Night light takes on a second life displaying brighter even more vivid white and green glass colors.

This is ideal for mothers and fathers and who have a child who is afraid of the dark, or that needs to walk in the halls at night. Help avoid accidents and night time fears by keeping pathways, bathrooms, and any part of the home gently lit at night.

This night light not only serves the important function of safety and reassurance but it is a stunning home decor item that will breath freshness, life, and beauty into any setting.

Every night light is made by hand. Each piece of glass is cut and then ground. The glass is then wrapped in copper foil and then soldered together. Finally the pieces are soldered together and then the metal solder is patina-ed to it's final beautiful finish color.