Slipper Flower Earrings
Slipper Flower EarringsSlipper Flower EarringsSlipper Flower EarringsSlipper Flower Earrings

Zoa Chimerum Jewelry

A smaller, minimalist flora inspired variation of our signature plume ring earrings gives a delicate, understated look.

Twin plumes of soft rubber gracefully cross each other as they arc and curl from a polished aluminum ring, creating a sense of movement and dimensionality.

Mounted on elegant sterling silver ear threads.

Ornaments measure 1.5"-2".

All pieces are handmade and will vary slightly from images, however overall size, style, and proportions will be the same. If you have any special concerns or requests, please message me and I would be happy to work with you.

Ring colors: Default is a silver color, if you would like to request Red, Black, Hot pink, Purple, Gold, Slate Gray, these are available as well.