Silver / quartz earrings - #E237s
Silver / quartz earrings - #E237sSilver / quartz earrings - #E237s

Geoffrey D Giles Jewelry

Material: silver, quartz
Size: 1 3/4" length, 10mm quartz sphere

These elegant hanging earrings feature an included quartz sphere held within a square cupped form.  The quartz has internal inclusions, which gives it a cracked appearance.  The silver is intentionally darkened behind the quartz to bring out the depth of the stone.  The silver used in these earrings does not contain copper like sterling silver.  As a result, it does not oxidize like sterling.

*please note, quartz in a natural material and as a result no two pieces will be exactly the same.  Every attempt is made to make sure the quartz spheres in the earrings compliment each other.

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