Sideways Tree Oversized Turtleneck Fleecy Sweater -Light Gray
Sideways Tree Oversized Turtleneck Fleecy Sweater -Light Gray



This soft, cozy fleecy oversized turtleneck is printed with my fairytale trees design.Drop seam shoulder design that fits exactly to your shoulder!

This piece is absolutely stunning in person!

Vibe: Tree Hugger.

Star Style Advice:  Wear it with leggings and big boots! It's meant to be flowy, cozy, and fun!

Size Chart:

This is a flexible and flowy cut. The cut is designed to fit you. The drop shoulder seam curves where your shoulders are and the fabric drops from there.

EXS/S -fits xs-medium

M/L fits larger medium/large/exl


The difference in size is really the length so go larger if you’re tall! The drop shoulder allows for a flexible width.

 *very limited edition 


This is pre-shrunk so it won't shrink further in the wash!  The nicer you are to caring for any clothing item, the happier and longer life you will grant the fabric! Recommended wash in cold water, tumble dry low.