Sapphire Tumbler Duo (set of 2, seconds)
Sapphire Tumbler Duo (set of 2, seconds)Sapphire Tumbler Duo (set of 2, seconds)


The very definition of minimal, these tumblers are the kind of tableware you keep out at all times. Perfect for coffee, tea, yogurt, soup, and much more. You'll reach for these chic vessels when company comes and when you want to have a lavish day by yourself. The bright white stoneware is a delight to hold which boldly contrasts with my signature Sapphire glaze on the interior.

This is a second: it is perfectly functional but not up to my usual standards to qualify as a first. The bottoms exhibit hairline cracks and small divots. See second photo for details.

Diameter: approx. 3¾ in. Height: approx. 3 in.