Salt Shaker
Salt ShakerSalt ShakerSalt ShakerSalt ShakerSalt ShakerSalt ShakerSalt Shaker

Ana Cavalcanti Fine Ceramics


This shaker is not your ordinary salt shaker. It doesn't have a stopper, and it doesn't have tiny holes. You wouldn't even be able to know it is a salt shaker just by looking at it - making it an inconspicuous piece of functional art. There is one hole at the bottom of the shaker, which you both fill and dispense the salt from. But because of its built-in funnel, the salt will not dispense unless shaken, making it safe to leave resting on your table without the fear of salt coming out unprovoked. 

The shaker comes with instructions on how to fill and use it. But you can also scan the QR code in green to watch a video on how to use the shaker.

All available salt shakers are the same size, simply in different colors and with various decorative knobs. Please choose the one that appeals to you most and checkout by selecting its corresponding number. 

I did not invent the shakers' engineering, but I added my design to make them attractive and fun. 

Don't clean the shaker in a dishwasher. Clean it with a damp cloth when needed.

For the love of the environment, my studio is now solar-powered - including my kilns! Not to mention, all my packaging is reusable or recyclable.