Sake Set
Sake SetSake Set

Sandra Torres


Porcelain Sake Set. 8 oz

Set includes bottle and tree cups.

Translucent porcelain. Glazed inside and bare porcelain outside.
Delicate yet sturdy.

Excellent to enjoy sake, tequila or any other spirit!

I recommend not to use the microwave and hand washing for all my pieces. Do not pour boiling, stovetop water directly into handmade ware. “Pre-warming” pieces by filling with warm/hot tap water prior to pouring hot water for coffee or tea is ALWAYS recommended.

All decorations are original, I am inspired by the world around me.
Each piece is unique, and even though they have the same motif, the decoration varies from piece to piece, which allows for great match or mismatch sets.
Food safe... and it can take the dishwasher but I recommend to wash by hand.