Pillow, Vintage Kente Cloth
Pillow, Vintage Kente Cloth

Toni Seymour Handwoven

I found this antique hand stitched material in an antique store. It reminded me of a weaving design book I have from African woven fabrics.

I have no idea where there fabric came from but the designs are fabulous and the colors so bright and cheerful. Maybe someone started to stitch a quilt. Just not sure.

Each square was hand stitched by someone, somewhere. I just felt this needed to be saved from the antique store and upcycled into pillows for the world to see.

The back is overlapping black cotton so the pillow can be removed and it can be hand washed. 14" by 11" and sits 4" in height.

Wanting to add a dash of color to a room? This will certainly do it.

I just got a message from another Etsy person that said this:

I think this is vintage “Kente Cloth.” I was given a Kente cloth from a fellow who immigrated from Ghana. I had hired him and he gave me one made by his Mom as a thank you gift. These are made on a small loom. So, if you research a bit you may be able to change the description.

That might solve some of the mystery of where this came from. I can't verify that but it feels right.