Painted watchcap #3
Painted watchcap #3

Sky Like Snow


Dyes from the land painting their own landcapes...


This short, snug watchcap is a double layer of my superfine knit. The yarn for the pattern band has been hand painted using the natural dye extracts that I hand farm and forage from the land around my studio. 2019 was a droughty year which meant less plentiful wild foraged dyes, making this collection a rare expression of a difficult year punctuated with moments of loveliness.


Rich tones over heather yarn. Dye materials include wild madder root, coreopsis flowers, black walnut husks, Hydnellum and Phellodon mushrooms. Natural black fiber background.


Exterior and interior fiber is 50% superfine local Romeldale wool / 50% local fine grade alpaca. Hand wash.


Unisex size stretches to fit most but the largest heads.