Painted headband #2
Painted headband #2 Painted headband #2

Sky Like Snow


This reversible headband is generously sized at 4.5" wide. It will keep your ears cozy without flattening out your gorgeous hair, or overheating the top of your head. Fun fact: the geometrical shape is a flattened torus — a seamlessly connected tubular tube.


With colors inspired by the fall foliage of white ash trees, this piece may soon be even more nostalgic, as the invasive emerald ash borer begins to decimate our native ash trees. Hand painted in the yarn with dye extracts made from locally foraged goldenrod, wild madder root, mushrooms, lichens and black walnut husks. Reverses to a simple lobster mushroom dyed, burgundy and grey stripe with a neutral rhubarb leaf dyed border.


Unisex size stretches to fit most heads. Interior and exterior fiber is 50% superfine local Romeldale wool / 50% local fine grade alpaca. Hand wash.