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Autumn Higgins


Choose your pitcher design by selecting the dropdown option you like best—please keep in mind each individual piece is unique and while the design will be similar to the picture you select, yours will vary slightly from what you see pictured.

With a few flowers and or sprig of greenery this is a perfect little vase to brighten your windowsill or desk.

Each vase is hand-formed on the pottery whee. Once the piece is completely formed, the drawing is applied using an inlay technique. The color is then added, and finally the glaze is applied to the inside and to the image. Bare clay is left in the negative space which gives it a lovely tactile quality.



This listing is for a single pitcher.
Holds about 4 oz (variation is natural due to hand-forming technique)
These vases are about 4-5” high

Made from cone 10 oxidation fired porcelain. (Oxidation fired porcelain has a warm/creamy white clay body as apposed to reduction fired porcelain which is a more cool/blue white in color.)

Microwave and dishwasher safe.