Milagro Calavera Necklace with Turquoise eyes
Milagro Calavera Necklace with Turquoise eyesMilagro Calavera Necklace with Turquoise eyesMilagro Calavera Necklace with Turquoise eyes

Marisa Martinez


This Calavera necklace is inspired by the sugar skulls we make during Dia de los Muertos to commemorate and remember the lives of loved ones who have made the journey to Mictlan. In our family we have used the time creating sugar skulls as time to share memories and stories of these special people.

I love this symbol and have created these as milagros with the intention to remind us to live our own lives with intention and passion, because someday others will be telling our stories too. These pieces are adorned with beautiful natural American mined turquoise stones for the eyes. I have chosen turquoise because it is a protection stone. They are handcrafted in either silver or copper and come on an 18” sterling silver chain in your choice of finish. Pendant is approx. 1” dia. Be aware that natural turquoise color varies.

A perfect reminder to celebrate life and your loved ones everyday.

**Note*** Can be made with other stones for the eyes. Other Stones available: amathyst, lapiz, carnealan, jade, onyx, moonstone, or citrine. Please indicate via email if you want a different stone.

Made to order.

***Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery if it is made to order. Please note if you need as a gift to ensure delivery before the holidays.***

Ships Priority USPS and includes a polishing pad and gift box.