Me and My Shadow silver and neoprene necklace
Me and My Shadow silver and neoprene necklace

Kit Burke-Smith

This necklace features a  gestural asymmetric sterling silver loop paired with a black neoprene loop made from the shadow of the silver element. This piece has a unique patina that creates different areas and marks of light and dark finish on the silver.

The two elements are intentionally placed together so that the shapes are flipped in some way. This way the shapes relate to each other, but do not perfectly line up so they can feel more related than identical. Sisters, but not twins!

Due to the methods used to create this one-of-a-kind necklace, each piece is unique and will vary slightly from the photograph. The pendant elements are approximately 5" long on a 29" blackened sterling silver chain. If you want to pick your element, reach out and I will some bench shots of ones that are available.

All work is made by hand using traditional metalsmithing tools and techniques in a fresh, minimalist way inspired by nature and everyday moments.