Mahal Dwar/door pendant
Mahal Dwar/door pendantMahal Dwar/door pendant

Vershali Jain Jewelry


Dimensions - 55x45x4mm, complimentary 18" oxidized silver chain
Year - 2022
Materials - Silver, copper, steel, vitreous enamel, turquoise beads, black chord

This playful - one of a kind necklace is designed and handcrafted by artist Vershali Jain. It's true marvel is in the bright beautiful enameling achieved through unconventional cloisonné technique Jain perfected over the years.
MAHAL or palaces of India are known for their grandeur. Walking through the corridors of Mahal there is a sense of old-world coming to life. Looking at the city through a bright-colored stain glass window is an unforgettable experience. In this brooch, the artist brings to life the joy of the palatial past.