Cascade,  Glow
Cascade,  GlowCascade,  GlowCascade,  GlowCascade,  Glow

Blue Feet Studio


Structure: Cascading twill design; dynamic pattern line.
Colors: Lemongrass weft on a whole garden of warp: progression from rose and choral pinks to light forget-me-not blues, moss and new-leaf greens, always some ocean turquoise (it’s an island garden), then afternoon lapis lazuli sky, longer purple shadows in the woods. It’s all there and yes, it glows. What will you add to it?
Dimension: Wrap, 13 x 74”
Fiber: Tencel (eco-friendly; eucalyptus-based; strong and lustrous)
Care: handwash, cool water, air dry, steam iron
Price: $240 (includes shipping)