Cascade,  Turquoise
Cascade,  TurquoiseCascade,  TurquoiseCascade,  TurquoiseCascade,  Turquoise

Blue Feet Studio


Structure: Cascading twill design; dynamic pattern line.
Color: Radiant shimmering turquoise weft on a warp that moves from cool greens, some moments of lavender, pale blues, to deeper turquoise, some royal and blue-purple, arriving at deep North Atlantic teals, midnight blue, with an occasional flash of magenta. So much happens in an ocean wave!
Dimension: Wrap, 13 x 74”  
Fiber: Tencel (eco-friendly; eucalyptus-based; strong and lustrous)
Care: handwash, cool water, air dry, steam iron
Price: $240 (includes shipping)