Large Blown Glass Imagery Necklaces
Large Blown Glass Imagery NecklacesLarge Blown Glass Imagery NecklacesLarge Blown Glass Imagery NecklacesLarge Blown Glass Imagery Necklaces

Broken Plates

This line of jewelry uses the weight of a pencil stroke to capture the striking beauty of a hand drawn imagery within the surface of a blown glass plate. When looking for inspiration, we aim to embrace nature’s deviations from the perfect, finding beauty in the asymmetrical or irregular. The drawings become an interpretation of these objects, rich with their own personality and imperfections. By then marrying these soft and organic drawings with the crisp and rigid lines of the glass, we create a very modern object overflowing with light and character. Complimentary to their inspiration, these colorful glass wearables warrant attention and admiration.

These measure roughly 2.5in x 2.5in blown glass with Antiqued Brass, Sterling Silver, or Gold Filled Chain measuring 25” in length

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Caring for your Glass Wearables 

Glass jewelry is durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean and safe for daily wear. However, certain care must be taken while the jewelry is not in use. Here are a few tips that will extend the life of your glass wearables. 

-Practice latching chains over a soft surface until you are comfortable putting a piece on and taking a piece off by yourself.
-Be aware that the jewelry is made from glass, dropping or hitting it on hard surfaces may induce breakage.
-Store and carry your jewelry in the packaging provided at purchase or other packaging that provides proper protection for your piece to help minimize risk of breakage.
-When cleaning tarnished chain or findings, we recommend ‘Hagerty Silver Clean” Solution and following the instructions provided on their packaging.
-Find a helpful guide for packing and shipping your glass wearables Here 

Your orders will ship between 3 and 5 business days from purchase.