Laptop Messenger Bag
Laptop Messenger BagLaptop Messenger BagLaptop Messenger BagLaptop Messenger BagLaptop Messenger Bag

Kelly Wove It

This gorgeous cross-body messenger bag was made with handwoven fabric in subtle shades of eggplant purple, mauve and black. It also features a reinforced bottom made of printed canvas. The bag perfectly fits most 12" laptops, and includes a padded interior divider to protect screens and electronics. The inside of the bag also features a zippered pocket.

The bag can be worn two ways, with the top folded over for convenience in traveling, or like a tote bag with the handles up for extra storage. It also has an exterior slip pocket for easy access items.

About all my items:
This item was handwoven by me on a floor loom, mechanically identical to ones used in the 1800s. The art of weaving is considered one of the oldest technologies in the world, and the fundamentals have changed very little in that time. Each item is constructed entirely by me, and begins its journey as loose thread eventually transformed into whole cloth. Every strand of yarn is carefully threaded into the loom, and every inch of fabric is created by building one thread on the next, interweaving them to create intricate patterns. I love weaving precisely because of how tactile it is, and how much time I get to spend touching the yarn and enjoying the colors. Because of this, every textile I weave is a pleasure to touch and look at, and is a unique creation that represents hours of a labor of love, years of study and practice, and centuries of culture and technology.