Laal Paan earrings
Laal Paan earringsLaal Paan earringsLaal Paan earrings

Vershali Jain Jewelry

Dimensions - 31x26x16mm
Year - 2022
Materials - Silver, copper, steel, vitreous enamel

Statement earrings that are ready for the summer fling. These unique earrings are handcrafted by using traditional techniques of enameling and metal forming designed with a contemporary flair. 

Inspiration - PAAN or heart shaped betel leaves is a loved Indian delicacy and after food delight. Heart shape is identified as paan motif in Southeast Asia because of its cultural popularity and ceremonial implications. Paan was once thought of as a symbol of Indian royalty, and the practice of chewing it dates back more than 2,500 years.