Hot Pressed Pendants
Hot Pressed PendantsHot Pressed PendantsHot Pressed PendantsHot Pressed PendantsHot Pressed PendantsHot Pressed Pendants

Broken Plates

Our Hot Pressed line of jewelry is inspired by the depth and translucency found in our signature kinetic pieces, while pushing through the constraints of production and playing with subtle moments of texture. Each piece is cast in hot glass and hand pressed into a mold to create its form.

The Mini Ellipse measures 1.5” x 1.25” and hangs on an adjustable chain 18”-20” long. This necklace weighs 1-1.4oz. For reference, a regular envelope weighs 1 oz.

The Deco Dagger measures 3" x 1.5" and hangs on an adjustable chain 20"-24" long. This Pendant weighs 2.2 oz, the equivalent of 1 large egg.

Caring for your Glass Wearables


Glass jewelry is durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean and safe for daily wear. However, certain care must be taken while the jewelry is not in use. Here are a few tips that will extend the life of your glass wearables.


-Practice latching chains over a soft surface until you are comfortable putting a piece on and taking a piece off by yourself.

-Be aware that the jewelry is made from glass, dropping or hitting it on hard surfaces may induce breakage.

-Store and carry your jewelry in the packaging provided at purchase or other packaging that provides proper protection for your piece to help minimize risk of breakage.

-When cleaning tarnished chain or findings, we recommend ‘Hagerty Silver Clean” Solution and following the instructions provided on their packaging.

-Find a helpful guide for packing and shipping your glass wearables Here



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