Geometry Necklace
Geometry NecklaceGeometry NecklaceGeometry NecklaceGeometry Necklace

beth aimée


An artistic necklace with a quirky, lively vibe. Squares of many shapes and sizes are nested and linked in a melee of moveable parts.

Handcrafted from recycled sterling silver, and fabricated one at a time, each necklace will be a little different.

Silver is treated with a patina and selectively polished to add a warm glow to the metal and to add contrast and depth to the appearance.

Row of squares is approximately 3 inches wide. Necklace is 16 inches with a 2 inch extension, allowing you to accommodate for various necklines.

Pairs well with the Geometry Earrings, listed separately.

Shipped to you in a lovely gift box. Enjoy!