Geocentric Earrings
Geocentric EarringsGeocentric EarringsGeocentric Earrings


18K gold, mother of pearl, diamonds.

During the 200,000 years that humans have been looking up at the stars our concept of the universe has changed dramatically.  The geocentric model was formulated to explain things we could not see nor understand at that time, ideas on how the motion of the planets occurred, and how the heavenly orbs fit together. For the Earth-bound observer, the ground they stood on seemed like a fixed point of reference, a flat plane from which to watch the circling cosmos. 

The geocentric model succumbed to the same fate as many other accepted notions of the day that could not survive our expanding knowledge and awareness.  An altered geocentric depiction with an arrow pointing toward the future, represents the opening of our mind as we continue on our evolutionary path.