Garden Dress, Grey Stripe
Garden Dress, Grey StripeGarden Dress, Grey StripeGarden Dress, Grey StripeGarden Dress, Grey StripeGarden Dress, Grey Stripe



Most of the time, I like to pretend 2020 didn't happen and we just skipped over it, right into 21'. As I was planning this shoot with Daniel, my photographer, I mentioned several times, 'most of these designs are concepts I had planned for last year and are a continuation of what we've already shot.'


This dress is a perfect example of that. 


I took the pattern for the Quarter Shirt, one of my most popular pieces, and developed a timeless gathered skirt, dress. 


The idea was the same, comfortable, loose, flattering for multiple body types and easy to wear. 


The model, Rosemary, remarked 'I feel so pretty!' Which was exactly the emotion I was hoping for. You at your most comfortable/best.


Key design features include:

  • Handwoven, 100% cotton with inlay (an Indian weaving style called Jamdani)
  • A shallow, spread collar 
  • Wide cuffed sleeves
  • Large inseam pockets
  • A tie back waist (easily tucked into the pockets when not in use)
  • Hand painted, vintage, dome shank buttons
  • A deep, 3" hem
  • An ever changing patchwork detail using Megan-Ilene scraps


This fabric laid the groundwork (as per usual) and is a limited edition. I was only able to secure 30 yards! It's a gray/black weave with a vertical black stripe and white inlay hearts. It has a soft hand but holds its shape in the structure of a collar. The patchwork may change but will include additional handwovens alongside block prints, painted and dyed fabrics. 


Currently available in O/S and O/S+ 

O/S: 44" Chest (around)

45" Shoulder to Hem

O/S+: 48" Chest (around)

46" Shoulder to Hem


Rosemary is wearing the O/S+ in the gray

If a longer skirt is required, leave a comment in the notes!

Don't see your size? Reach out to us! We make custom sized garments as well.

Made in North Carolina