Folded vase_004
Folded vase_004Folded vase_004Folded vase_004Folded vase_004

Ying Chiun Lee of Rochester Institute of Technology School for American Crafts and School of Art


Material: Glass

size: 3.5x 2x h7 inch

Folded vases are one-of-a-kind glass blowing vessels. The outlook has a clear separate line of the fold. Looking inside, you can see a membrane of the wall that was created by creasing the glass bubble and blowing it thinner. On the surface are bundles of thin lines that curve across the vase. Those lines are sometimes dense and sometimes apart, adding an organic element in the form of its straight wall. 

Folded vases are hand-blown, therefore it is common to find bubbles and tool marks. However, the maker has ensured that these imperfections aren’t too large to affect its use and beauty. 

This product is made to order and usually takes about 2-3 weeks to ship. 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, such as International shipping.

If you receive broken products, please let me know within 5 days of delivery. I will be more than happy to send you a full refund.


*The glass is fragile please use it with care, and please handwash it if necessary.

Hope you enjoy it!