Facets Necklace
Facets NecklaceFacets NecklaceFacets NecklaceFacets NecklaceFacets Necklace

Sally Prangley


Facets began as tabletop sculptures and quickly evolved to sculptural jewelry. Facets describes the small paper sculptures I make that look different from every direction. Each necklace has five Facets sculptures linked together with triangle-shaped annealed steel wire. Facets can be rotated on their wire so any side/color faces out, and the length of the necklace is adjustable. Because Facets are hollow, the necklace is lightweight to wear, and looks great with jeans to dresses. The Facets Necklace is finished with a clear sealant for wear.   

28”l x 1.25”w 

annealed steel wire, mat board, papers