Eiffel Table Lamps (Made to Order)
Eiffel Table Lamps (Made to Order)Eiffel Table Lamps (Made to Order)Eiffel Table Lamps (Made to Order)Eiffel Table Lamps (Made to Order)

Glasslight Studio


Eiffels are a retro 60’s reflection with contemporary styling. A hand-blown glass shade, open both top and bottom, sits atop a metal base which is hand bent and constructed with concealed welds and has a powder coated black finish.  

--Approximately 30” tall, Eiffels are wired with two standard porcelain sockets for use with two dimmable bulbs. An in-line dimmer switch, on the cord, varies the light from a soft glow to full strength. All parts comply with all applicable UL standards. Each lamp is signed and dated. 

--Glass Shades are an 11” diameter at the top with a slight taper towards the bottom. Total shade height is 10” Each lamp is made to order with an ETA of 6-8 weeks. 

--Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out. We recommend using LED bulbs for their quality of light and their long lifetimes. Any bulbs used with our table lamps must be dimmable. 

--To see more examples of colors or a higher quality color chart please visit our website at glasslightstudio.com