DueD Bracelet
DueD BraceletDueD BraceletDueD BraceletDueD BraceletDueD BraceletDueD BraceletDueD BraceletDueD Bracelet

Francesca Vitali


If you wear a lot of black, these bracelets will become our go-to because they are colorful, lightweight and all around so easy to slip in to add the right amount of color to your outfit! Wear only one if you just need a pop of color or add as many as you like if you want to make a statement. Go monochromatic or have fun mixing all the colors!


These listing is for one single paper element, the double and the long element are also available.


Fun fact: the square shape makes the bracelet very comfortable and easy to put on.


Materials: Paper and stainless steel



    Inner Diameter: 2 3/4 in

    Paper cube: 1/2 in



•Additional details: Each piece is handwoven by the artist, please allow 14-20 days from the ordering date to ship out. Also due to the recycled nature of the piece, you may receive a slightly different version of the one in the pictures, this is one of the beauties of a product made by hand: each one is made exclusively for you and it is unique.


•Not sure about how the jewelry looks like in person or do you want to see it worn in real time? Email me at info@francescavitalipaperjewelry.com and I'll send you a video for each piece you would like to see.



Each piece is coated with acrylic medium, which protects the paper from moisture and everyday use, for more details visit the jewelry care page on my site.