Dryer Balls (Set of 2) Wool
Dryer Balls (Set of 2) Wool

Toni Seymour Handwoven

Clothing Laundry Dryer Balls. A Great Green Product! One order includes two dryer balls, enough for a load of clothes in the dryer.

They are handmade, 100% felted wool. I felt them two times so they'll never unravel. The wool wicks the water from the clothing in the dryer, thereby cutting your drying time by approximately 25%.

It also means more even drying. Thick towels and tube socks come out dry with the rest of the clothing. Only 2 needed per load. They come out dry, ready to use for the next load.

I hand dye all my yarns with natural dyes so the product is 100% green. They are approximately 3" in diameter.

The dryer balls will be packaged in an eco-friendly 100% cotton muslin bag.

They also make great cat, dog and kid toys. They are a great gift. Not something your friend or relative is likely to already have.

They come in many different colors so if there is a color you'd prefer, let me know. If I don't have completed dryers balls in that color already, I can certainly make them. Team colors, school colors, your favorite colors, you name the color and I can make it.

I've been using mine for ten years. I think they may outlast me.